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Which direction are most millennials headed?

Which direction are those millennials raised in Christian homes heading? The same way, or a way radically different from their peers?


Which direction are you heading?


The young people of this age need to be motivated. Inspired. Challenged.


They need a voice encouraging them to go the right way.


I started this project because I feel like I am in kind of a transitional stage in my life. I just got out of my teens, am in my early twenties, and have started raising a family. I have a wife, a little one of my own, and one on the way. I am on a quest to ask why some stay with the Christian faith, and why others leave. I want others my age to choose the right path.


What are we doing with these years of our lives?

Meaningful things? Worthless things? Or are we going to completely reject everything we know is right?


The goal of this documentary is to spur the young people of my generation to first claim their own lives, then their family, then their culture for Jesus Christ. It is to warn them of the wrong way, and the consequences of it, as well as show them a better way, and the joy you get from following that way. Following God should be #1.


So please help, and join the Turnpoint community (a Facebook Group right now). Not just a community of young people. But a community where the older can mentor the younger, and the younger can encourage their peers. We can share things in the group that will encourage those around us, and share ways we can get involved in Gospel outreach, family life, politics, culture, and more.


Support the film, and get it out to every young person that you know. Then together we can do our part, from this point on, to start impacting those around us.  Go to







Confirmed Interviews:

Kevin Swanson (The Vision of Generations)

Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis)

Israel Wayne (Family Renewal Ministries)

Isaac Botkin (Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences)

Danny Craig (The Vision of Generations)

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